Zoning Your Open Plan Space With Tiled Zoning

Zoning Your Open Plan Space With Tiled Zoning

Zoning Your Open Plan Space With Tiled Zoning

Open plan living is really growing in popularity and we can understand why. By creating open plan living in your home or office you are opening up the space, allowing light and fresh air to flow more freely through the home, there are no visual barriers and it’s more conductive for better team work in the office, or for better family time at home.

But without walls how can you create different areas for different uses?

For example, in the office how can you separate the kitchen area, the office area and the meeting area?

Or at home how can you split the kitchen, dining area and lounge?

You can do it by tiled zoning in your open plan space; that’s how.

Zones work as visual signposts and you can create zones by using different tiles in different areas. Tiled zoned flooring creates a visual idea of how areas work together, but also how and where they are separated. It shows where one area ends and another begins, while still having the open space, with free flowing natural light and fresh air.

Tiled zoning is a stylish yet functional way of managing space and it has been used in large commercial units such as fashion stores and restaurants to create different areas in a large space. However, in recent years offices that have chosen to run the business through ‘hot-desking’, or those businesses opting for open plan offices have really seen the benefits of zoning. We are seeing it lots in private homes too.

For example, a kitchen has dramatic dark tiles, matched against a branded colour tiles in the office area, and a shade or other brand colour to mark the meeting area works really well too.

In a home you may choose to have brightly coloured or patterned tiles for the kids play area, patterned or mosaic tiles for the dining area and clean white glass tiles in the kitchen for example. The tiled zoning works really well to make use of a larger space, while separating it into areas without walls in the way.

Tiled zoning allows you to create a space that is seamless and unified, yet with all the visual clues needed to separate areas in your home or office.

If you’re looking to make a big impact in your home or office premises then why not contact us directly and we can talk about tiled zoning can work for you.

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