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Tiled Office Flooring Is A Smart Business Decision

Most people take their office flooring for granted and that is completely normal. We supply office floor tiles and install tiled office flooring for a living and even we can admit it is not the most exciting thing about running a business. While at home we may take time looking at tiled flooring options, at work it is completely different.

Business owners will often look for the cheapest office flooring option because there are many more things within the business that need money, things that may offer a return on investment.

However, how much do you think that your floor tells your visitors to your office about you and your business? Worn carpets, chipped tiles or peeling carpet tiles don’t make a great first impression. They tell a potential client that you don’t have the money to pay for new flooring, and that maybe the business is not doing well?

First impressions count

You may have only had the carpets installed in your office 2 years ago, but heavy traffic areas such as the entrance, near toilets, corridors, the kitchen or staff room, the water machine and similar areas can wear quickly look old, dirty, damaged or uncared for.

While tiled office flooring may be more expensive at the outset, a tiled office floor will last years longer than a cheaper office carpet floor. Tiled office flooring may not offer a return on investment, but it will be much more cost effective in the long term.



Good quality office floor tiles won’t stain, crack or scratch easily; they will not be worn down quickly in high traffic areas and are hard to stain with spillages – unlike a carpet. If something is spilt it is quick and easy to clean up with a cloth and they can then be cleaned regularly with a damp mop of soap and water. Long term maintenance wise? Minimal!

Deep cleans for your office is easy too. When you deep clean your office carpet it can take hours to dry, however deep cleaning your tiled office flooring is much quicker and easier, and it drives within minutes too.

Good tiled office flooring will last for decades, unlike carpet flooring that may need replacing every 5-10 years to keep it looking its best.

Tiles office flooring is a smart business decision when it comes to long term planning. You will make some really good long term saving when you opt for a tiled floor in your office. You’ll save in things like cleaning, maintenance and replacement. You’ll also ensure that great first impression when visitors and potential clients come to you office; and that is priceless!

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