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The Top 3 Must Know Tips of Outdoor Tiles

The Top 3 Must Know Tips of Outdoor Tiles

We all dream and aim for a lavish and spectacular patio in our gardens. If only it was that easy! There are so many options out there for outdoor tiles. It can be tricky to know which outdoor tiles are right for your home and garden. There are outdoor tiles for the colourful and vibrant look, or an elegant and classy look – and everything in between.

In this blog post we would like to share three top ‘must-know’ tips of outdoor tiles so you can make sure you choose the right outdoor tiles;

  1. Hue Matching

Look at the hues of your home and think about how these can match your outdoor tiles. While an unmatched look can also look good, and is growing in popularity, you need to think about what you are trying to achieve. If you want to join the outside and inside together in a subtle and elegant way then matching your hues is highly recommended.

Think about the areas that are being tiles outside too. For example, if you are looking for a patio for entertaining then a nice smooth tile that is well finished is ideal. However, if you are looking to install tiles outside near a pool or pond, then we would recommend outdoor tiles with an unfinished surface for anti-slip.

  1. Tile Quality

You need to remember that outdoor tiles, unlike indoor tiles, will be exposed to harsh weather conditions. This means that you need to choose your outdoor tiles with care and make sure you check their quality.

Non-slippery or water resistant tiles are ideal for outdoor areas. You may also want to consider porcelain outdoor tiles or natural stone outdoor tiles as these have a low water absorption rate making them an efficient tile for outdoors.

  1. Outdoor Lighting

This is the part that is often missed when homeowners are choosing tiles for outdoor areas. How you are lighting your outdoor space needs to be considered when you are choosing the style of tiles. For example, a well lit outdoor area, works perfectly with dark tiles walls.

If you are aiming to create a divine look in your outdoor space, then a partially lit outdoor area with light coloured tiles would work beautifully. The top thing to avoid is a dim outdoor area, matched with dark coloured surfaces. This creates a really dull space that you will be unlikely to enjoy.

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