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How to Clean Bathroom Grout

You know the look: stained, peeling, or mildew-covered grout.  In your pristine bathroom, keeping your grout clean and white is of the utmost importance.  However, many people struggle with the upkeep and care of this tricky material. Thrapston Tiling have put together this handy guide to help you look after your bathroom grout.  We also have a guide on how to look after your tiled floor, which is worth taking a look at if you want some guidance on caring for your tiles.

A small pot of baking sodaThe contents of your cupboard 

If you want a simple, cheap home-made grout cleaner, mix together water and bicarbonate of soda, forming a paste.  Layer this over the grout and then spray with hydrogen peroxide. This will cause the bicarb mix to foam, and it will then be a case of scrubbing to remove scum and grime. Give it a good rinse with water.

However, the bicarb and hydrogen peroxide approach might not have removed the toughest stains from your bathroom grout.  In that case, break out the bleach and some gloves. You can mix some with bicarb, or apply it straight, leaving it for 30 minutes, then using some elbow grease.  Make sure you rinse the grout thoroughly once done.

A bit more oomph

As bleach is a general household product, it might not be able to remove the mould entirely, this is where you may choose to bring in a specific cleaner.

There are many dedicated products such as grout cleaner, eraser, and mould remover which will all assist in removing stains and mildew.  Make sure you follow the instructions on the packet and always wear gloves.  

Nothing is working

It may be that the grout is beyond cleaning.  In that case you can contact us for a no obligation estimate on regrouting your bathroom. Our experts can ensure that the grout is sealed to repel moisture and prevent future issues with mould.

Thrapston Tiling has years of experience in tiling and grouting so we will be happy to help you.  Give us a call on 01832 735 633 or use our contact form.

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